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Insight That Drives Financial Outcomes

Imagine, your financial future is secure; personally & professionally. That you feel comfortable, confident and protected knowing your finances are targeted, properly aligned, and achieving the best outcomes. This is our vision for you.

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Buisness Insights 

Breakthrough Innovations assists small business owners and entrepreneurs in improving, tracking, and analyzing their financial outcomes. This ensures the targets they've set for themselves and their business are informed by research. BTI also coaches businesses to develop measurable metrics to track their outcomes ensuring they are working towards their goals. As a BTI client, your decisions will be informed by research, you'll optimize your outcomes, you will enhance the safety and stability of your business, and grow your profit margins. 

Personal Insights

Breakthrough Innovations  provides services to individuals to assess their financial outcomes. BTI offers personalized budget creation, debt reduction and wealth acquisition strategy assessment and implementation, and financial coaching.

  By utilizing data and analysis to examine the financial outcomes of our clients, BTI helps prepare the most appropriate, strategic, safe, and financially advantageous options to help our clients reduce debt, build wealth, and make smart financial decisions.  


BTI has three main objectives; we educate, equip, and empower our clients to improve their financial outcomes.


The first step to improving your financial outcomes is understanding where you are currently. 

Education involves an initial assessment of our clients personalized financial situation to help determine their current baseline. 

We work with clients to make sure they fully understand the intricacies of their financial platform, giving them unprecedented confidence in both where they are and where they're going.


The second step to improving financial outcomes is to become equipped with the resources and tools necessary to begin organizing, building, and tracking debt reduction, wealth acquisition, or other financial goal. 

BTI deploys a series of customized resources, equipping our clients with the tools necessary to see growth and stability in their financial platforms.



BTI believes that to achieve anything great, you have to feel empowered. Empowerment comes from feeling educated and prepared to move in the direction of a particular goal. 

Empowerment comes from feeling confident that we are working closer to a particular goal, and seeing progress towards that goal

At BTI we believe in creating not only a system of education and resources, but also a community of individuals with similar goals and diverse perspectives.

We support you. We support one another.


Imagine, your financial future is secure, you are comfortable, and you are protected. You are confident your finances are targeted, properly aligned, and achieving the best outcomes. 


The actions you take today, can help protect, propel, and empower you to achieve unprecedented goals for yourself, your family, and your business. Whether your goals are to better align your finances, ensure you're on the correct financial trajectory, or interested in accelerating your financial future, BTI is here to help you achieve your goals.

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Don't Let Your Financial Situation Hold You Back. Let It Propel You Forward.

What Do You Want To Achieve?


The sky is the limit and a sound financial future allows you the ability and confidence to go after the things you want.  We sincerely want to learn about the goals you have and how we can help you achieve them.


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What Women Are Saying About BTI

It is a great way to get on track and get the wheels turning about changes you can make to make your future better.

Come join me! They get you thinking about where your money is going and where you WANT your money to go!

It will give you the power of to take control of your money. You will start looking at your life as whole rather than day by day. 

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