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Breakthrough Innovation's Owners


Dawn Hansen


Sarah Fineran


No one, regardless of their background, affiliation, and or business interests will care about your financial future more than you. Similarly, no one will experience the hardships or the successes of that future, if outcomes are not met. You are responsible for your financial success.

At BTI we believe that the best gift you can give yourself and your family is financial education.


We implore you to take control, take accountability, and take action - today, to achieve financial independence. 


We will help you. We do not sell products, we provide education and resources for you to take control to regain confidence that the actions you take today are inline with your long-term financial goals and that you will achieve the outcomes you want.


Let's do this together.

- Sarah & Dawn

Our Story

BTI started with two young women who made the proactive choice to over-inundate and educate themselves as much as they could about money. We became fascinated with the tips, tricks, and strategies that could be applied to optimize financial growth under a variety of scenarios. 


During this journey we learned a few things. That our friends, our family, and even ourselves were trusting others to make financial decisions for us, and sometimes those decisions were not in our best interests, were ill-advised, and were frankly completely inappropriate.


Why we do, what we do, isn't complicated. 

There is not a single person who cares about your financial future more than you do - Period. 

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