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Financial Mentorship

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Financial mentorship services are available to everyone regardless of their financial position.

These services are designed for individuals, couples, and business owners who are working on budgeting, struggling with debt, and those wanting to create and build a stronger financial foundation. 

Financial mentorship is an incredibly powerful tool that offers guidance and recommendations that are fully customizable whether your goals are to get out of debt, take more vacations, fund your dream business, buy a home, or anything else. 

Designed to Build Your Wealth

Financial mentor services are designed to help you build wealth, not turn you away if you don't have it.

What We Are & What We Aren't

As a financial mentor, we don't sell products, insurance, or other financial products. We don't accept referral fees or kickbacks. In sum, we do not receive hidden revenue and work in the best interest of our clients. 

Free Calls

Interested in financial mentorship but not sure where to start? 

Please contact us for a free half hour mentorship call. During this initial call you will talk with a BTI mentor who will talk with you about your specific financial goals allowing for the future development of an actionable plan to achieve your most critical financial goals. 

Business Discussion

What Mentorship Involves

Mentorship covers the foundational elements of money management largely addressing budgeting, debt, and preparing for and achieving life goals. 

Professional mentorship allows you to surpass previous barriers to financial goals helping to develop an actionable plan and work towards and build wealth.

Developing and Sticking to a Budget

Budgeting allows you to shift your resources to help you build the life you want both currently and into the future. A budget should be flexible and fluid allowing you to shift your spending towards the things you care most about. 

Debt Management

Debt can serve two functions. It can be a devastating resource drain that creates, causes, and sustains stress. Debt can also be a resource to build wealth. Work to develop a debt reduction strategy that helps serve your financial priorities. 

Increasing Your Income

Budgeting is a basic strategy to enact behavioral changes to better management income and expenses. However, you can't always budget your way to wealth, and increasing your income is another viable opportunity to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Get guidance from a BTI mentor to receive guidance for improving your income, expanding your opportunities to build wealth, and seek strategies for personal development. 

Plan to Buy a Home

Buying a home takes careful planning and intentional saving. Work with a BTI analyst to create a financial strategy to save for a down payment and objectively determine how much home you can truly afford. Analysis can also be utilized during the purchasing process to help inform final decisions. 

Plan to Star Your Dream Business

Similar to a home, starting and sustaining your dream business takes serious and careful planning. Prepare to take the leap and work with a BTI mentor to structure your financial position allowing you to successfully take an incredible leap. 

Consider Your Options

Whether you're saving, investing, or considering how to best use a lump sum of money, BTI analysts work with our clients to explore their financial goals, providing analysis, insight, and projections allowing them to choose the best financial options.

Risk Management & Defensive Strategies

Building wealth is every bit as important as making sure it's protected. You'll get help understanding the ways in which risk can be best managed. As a reminder, BTI does not sell insurance products or accept commissions. 

Benefits of Financial Mentorship


One of the greatest assets in financial mentorship is simply becoming more organized. This allows you to fully understand and physically see your financial platform. Receive assistance from a BTI mentor helping to organize your expenses, debt, investments and more. 


Achieving your financial priorities and goals takes commitment. BTI acts as your accountability partner helping you follow through, create an organized plan, and achieve your goals.


BTI mentors work with their clients to identify their perfect life; both now and into the future. Mentors then partner with their clients to direct their financial resources forward achieving their ideal life.


Making informed financial decisions is incredible important. We help our clients make more informed financial decisions by bring an unemotional and neutral perspective to the important life decisions needed by providing supplemental research and insight to inform those decisions.


Feeling educated and understanding the specific risks associated with each financial choice is important. BTI focuses on providing judgement free education, ensuring client understanding is prioritized. We ensure our clients understand the risks associated with each financial choice, allowing them to make the decisions in their best interest.


Part of having a healthy financial platform is knowing where you are, where you're going, and anticipating the future. Working with a BTI mentor allows you to identify the next phases of your life ensuring the necessary steps are taken to be financially prepared and properly equiped.  


Learn More About How Financial Mentoring Can Serve You

Schedule a free 30 minute call with a BTI mentor to get assistance on achieving your goals. During the call, a mentor will discuss your goals and begin examining the elements for how to achieve those goals. 

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