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Atomic Habits

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Your financial health and your physical health play by the same rules. You didn't put on 50lbs in a week, and you can't expect to lose it in a week. Similarly, your financial position was not created overnight, and you can't expect to resolve your financial problems in short order. 

Achieving financial success and improving your financial health is a long game. It takes sustainable approaches, systems, and processes. 

Atomic Habits is one of our favorite reads (and we read A LOT! Adopting good habits will drastically improve your life, not only in regards to our favorite topic; finances, but will also help you identify sustainable habits to improve other areas of your life as well. 

Expect to read this book quickly. You'll be hooked in short order and will be surprised how quickly you fly through it and how quickly you begin to make changes and develope strong and sustainable habits in all aspects of your life. 

Start reading it today and start developing processes to improve your financial health as well as other areas of your life.


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