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Breakthrough Innovations (BTI) offers a suite of resources to help place you on a trajectory towards financial independence. BTI offers a series of tracks which can be taken in order or independently, depending on where you are in your financial journey.


The Financial Empowerment Tracks include tracks 1-4 listed below as part of our base package. We also offer a Financial Empowerment Base + Coaching Package which includes the Financial Empowerment Tracks in addition to direct coaching services, financial gap analysis, and strategic financial plan creation. Please see our plans and pricing for more details.


  • At the core, the Financial Empowerment tracks are designed exclusively to change your relationship with money, placing you on a proven path towards financial independence and optimization.

  • Our Financial Empowerment tracks are designed to work through at your own pace. Each track takes approximately two hours to review the educational material and complete the activities and worksheets. The tracks include presentations which review the foundational content in their entirely, accompanied with a presentation and explanation. Also included are six worksheets, and two excel templates (budgeting & net worth tracking) to help you understand your financial goals, life goals, and better track and subsequently understand, your own interpersonal financial numbers.


  • We want BTI’s Financial Empowerment Tracks placed in as many people’s hands as possible, and therefore, offer the foundational track package at an affordable price to ensure accessibility to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

  • The Financial Empowerment Tracks hold immense value for everyone regardless of their financial situation. From the debt reducers to the wealth growers, the point of these tracks are to promote and encourage a more thoughtful and targeted spending decisions and get you thinking about your long and short term goals, and why these goals are important to you so you can stay motivated and targeted in your financial approach.


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