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About the Course

The information you've received and the things you've accomplished have and will place you on a trajectory to feel financially competent and confident, knowing that the things done and will do, can place you in a position to change your relationship with money and optimize your financial future.

As part of track five, BTI works with you directly in two separate one-on-one virtual sessions. BTI also performs an independent and objective financial gap analysis, and creates a documented path outlining your goals, your financial strengths, gaps, and creates a path for you to begin addressing financial gaps one step at a time, to establish a strong and safe financial foundation based on your individualized situation.

What's Included 

    Getting Started Read
    Two 1:1 Financial Coaching Session to Discuss Goals, Financial Planning Gaps, & Strengths
    Independent & Objective Financial Gap Analysis
    Financial Plan Itinerary
    **Included Only in Base+ Package
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