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Business Insights

Breakthrough Innovations LLC works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to improve, track, and analyze their financial outcomes.


At the core, we utilize data, analysis, research, and projections to inform any and all of your financial decisions.


Breakthrough Innovation's services ensure the targets you've set for yourself and your business are informed by research, are trackable, and align with your short-term and long-term business goals.


Imagine, that the financial future of your business is secure, you are comfortable, and you are protected. Your are confident your finances are targeted, properly aligned, and achieving the best outcomes. You know your business is producing outcomes, you're tracking and making progress towards your goals, and subsequently, growing your profit margins.


This is our vision for you.


- Dawn & Sarah

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Questions We Have Helped Business Owners Answer


How many clients/services rendered do I need to complete in order to hit my income target?


How many staff should I bring on and what would that do to my profit margins and service targets?


What should I raise rent to in my commercial properties to ensure I am making a fair profit?

Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

"Sarah & Dawn are two women who want to see you succeed financially. Their data driven approach gives you peace of mind you are making informed decisions with your money"

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