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Breakthrough Innovations Launches Core Tracks to Financial Empowerment

Breakthrough Innovation's Team; Sarah Fineran & Dawn Hansen

Breakthrough Innovations is doing some cool stuff in 2022! We are so excited to announce that we have just recently launched a series of Financial Empowerment tracks aimed at improving and accelerating your financial trajectory.

At the core, these financial empowerment tracks are designed exclusively to change your relationship with money, placing you on a proven path towards financial independence and optimization. Even if you have an amazing current financial strategy already in place, advertisements and the media utilize unique strategies to encourage indiscriminate spending and financial decision making which can, and often times do, derail any strategic financial plan.

At Breakthrough Innovations, we believe in educating and equipping our clients - providing resources for you to improve your financial foundation, and engage in optimization strategies to propel your wealth.

Financial Empowerment tracks are designed to work through at your own pace. There are four tracks included as part of the Financial Empowerment package. Each track takes approximately two hours to review the educational material and complete the activities and worksheets. The tracks include presentations which review the foundational content in their entirely, accompanied with a presentation and explanation of high level concepts to help better connect you with the materials. Tracks 1-4 also come with six worksheets, and two excel templates (budgeting & net worth tracking) to help you understand your financial goals and life goals, and better track and subsequently understand, your own interpersonal financial numbers and their movements and growth.

Here is what people are saying:

“These tracks will give you the power to take control of your money. You will start looking at your life as a whole, rather than the day to day.”

“BTI gets you thinking about where your money is going and where you WANT your money to go.”

“These gals know what they are talking about!”

“It was a great way to get on track and get the wheels turning about changes you can make to better your future!”

We believe in these products and we believe in these strategies.

We want BTI’s core foundational educational tracks placed in as many people’s hands as possible, and therefore, offer the foundational track package an affordable price to ensure accessibility to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

Learn more here: Breakthrough Innovation’s Financial Independence Tracks.

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