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How To Achieve Unprecedented Financial Success in 2022

The New Year is always something to celebrate. Most of us celebrate with delicious food, over indulge in some boozy drinks, and we set goals for things to accomplishing in the coming year.

But, just as life has a tendency to do, we make our goal, try for a few weeks, and our enthusiasm tapers off.

It’s estimated that only about 20% of the population set goals, in general. Of those who set goals, about 92% of people report they don’t end up achieving the goals they set.

So how do you become the 8% of the population who actually achieve their goals?

1) Know what you want and go after it

Part of achieving the things you want to achieving is knowing what you want, and why you want it. What will accomplishment of this goal help you achieve? What will it help facilitate? Understanding why you want to go after something is one of the most powerful components to allow you to define your passion and commit to any goal.

Similarly, you should not set goals that you don’t have an intrinsic passion for or that are based on the wants, needs, and desires of others. Your goals should also align with your core values. Write these things down. People who write down their goals are twice as likely to achieve them.

2) Make an actionable plan to achieve your goals & allow your goals to align

Many of our goals require that certain sub-goals be achieved before a larger goal can be met. Before you can run a marathon, you need to start running regularly. Then you need to start running more frequently, tracking your time, and modifying your diet and exercise regimen to improve your overall health helping facilitate the eventual goal of running a marathon.

You also need to understand the ways in which your goals align with one another. How does accomplishment of one goal, impact your ability to achieve a larger goal? What role or purpose does each goal and sub-goal serve?

3) Track your progress

There is a direct relationship between trying new things, and avoidance. Our brains are hardwired to steer us away from anything and everything that makes us uncomfortable. Think of any time you needed to start a new project, learn a new task, or were asked to do something outside of your comfort zone? At best, we procrastinate. At worst, we avoid the task entirely.

If you’re going to achieve the things you want to achieve, one of the best methods to achieving those things is to physically write down your goals, and then monitor progress towards your goals. When you track your progress you are creating an accountability system that allows you to check in with yourself, and the progress you’ve made.

4) Give yourself some grace

Lastly, to achieve great things you’ve got to understand that many goals take time, dedication, persistence, and tenacity to accomplish. Stick with it and continue to make progress towards your goals, but give yourself moments to breath and give yourself opportunities to fail. Every failure, places you in a position closer to achieve what you want to achieve. Every failure comes with a lesson learned, a greater understanding, and a new passion/drive to achieve your goals.

2022 Is Your Year!

This is the year you set out to accomplish things you haven’t dreamed possible. This year is your opportunity to regain control and clarity focusing your energy, time, and resources towards the things that make you happy.

Let Breakthrough Innovations help show you the ways in which education and minor behavioral changes can and will influence both your life goals, and financial trajectories.

Get BTI's Financial Empowerment E-Book!

BTI's Financial Empowerment E-book includes a variety of content and activities proven to optimize your financial situation utilizing an individualized and research-informed approach. This book is perfect for anyone looking to put gasoline on their financial goals regardless of their financial situation.

Perform A Financial Gap Analysis!

BTI also offer a series of resources for you to work directly with a BTI coach to help perform a financial gap analysis. Financial gap analysis utilizes a SWOT methodology to assess your financial platform's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Financial plans, to be successful, must include both offensive and defensive components to both optimize and protect your financial health. Let BTI show you the hazards and opportunities in your preexisting financial platform!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

- Dawn & Sarah

Breakthrough Innovations



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