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She's Going to Get Her Dream Home!

Meet Lyndi - Incredible human, even better mother, and as busy as you can imagine. Despite her busy schedule, Lyndi wanted to elevate her and her family’s financial position. When she engaged BTI, she knew there would be financial gain, but found an incredible surprise along the way!

Lyndi writes - “We have come so far since we first started working with BTI!” “It is hard to put everything into words but overall you guys really just helped boost our confidence around money!”

In just the last six months Lyndi has paid off more than $8,000 in debt and her and her husband, Ethan are on their path to get her dream home.

Here’s how she did it.

First, Lyndi worked with BTI to create and establish a budget. At first it seemed maybe a bit onerous to account for all of their income and expenses, however, by physically tracking this information Lyndi and Ethan were able to learn a lot. They became aware of purchases and pricing they did not consent to or were not aware of. They learned about their day to day spending, simply by becoming more cognizant of their money in and money out.

But awareness wasn’t good enough for Lyndi. She wanted to create actions to get her family closer to their primary life goal; building a home on the beautiful land they currently own. Before any additional steps could be taken, Lyndi and Ethan needed to know exactly how much money they had. Their money was spread around in different buckets like most families' money is. They had equity in their land and home, retirement and investment accounts, and various checking and savings accounts. By calculating their net worth, the Schmidts were elated to see how much money that had accumulated as successful partners, and they were also able to see how aggressive they actually needed to be in saving for their dream home.

After the Schmidts learned, not just what they had accumulated together, they now knew how much money they could put down as determined by their net worth calculation. They also knew roughly how much home they could afford as a per month payment being they had not only developed but successfully implemented a month to month budget and we’re able to work to increase their monthly surplus; i.e. future awesome, pretty, perfect home mortgage payment.

BTI did a customized analysis for Lyndi and Ethan to show them all of the various scenarios of monthly payment options they would have if they put more or less money down and built a more or less expensive home.

The Schmidts were not confident they were working towards their financial goals successfully day to day, and they were also in a great position to acquire their future dream home build when the time was right. They feel confident and comfortable knowing their future decisions help both preserve and elevate their incredible family.

But it wasn’t just about money. Lyndi and her husband were surprised at what their BTI engagement actually led them towards. As a couple Lyndi notes that before working with BTI, her and her husband struggled to talk about money. Not at all because they weren’t comfortable having hard conversations, but largely because they were not comfortable with the subject.

“By working with BTI, we were able to see where our money was going and how those decisions impacted the big picture for our family. We now knew exactly what we needed to do to accomplish the goals our family has.”

Lyndi and Ethan, we truly cannot wait to see the incredible life you both will build. You both have an incredible spirit and drive and now that you have a plan, we have no doubt you’re going to get everything in this world you ever wanted. Godspeed girlfriend!

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