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Business Projections

Explore estimated data to provide forecast scenarios

  • 30 minutes
  • Starting at $150
  • Location 1

Service Description

Starting, building, and maintaining a business is hard. You have so much to balance in regards to both your income, expenses, services, staff, and clients. When you're building something as amazing as your own personal businesses, you want to know, exactly a firm target you need to reach in order to meet your income goals. You may also have questions as you build your business that could be informed by data. These questions might include, if I took on another staff, acquired another business, or increased my service cost, how would my income be effected? Alternatively, you may be wondering your client service income targets you'd need to hit under various scenarios you're considering (moving to another building, acquiring a building to run your business, etc.) Data and forecast can help you assist you in making data informed decisions regarding your business. Gone are the days when you have to guess whether making a decision is in the best interest of yourself or your business. BTI will work with you to examine the various business decisions you're trying to make or questions you're trying to answer. Business analysis and forecasts are extremely helpful in budget development, assessing profits, and setting client service target bench marks to achieve the amazing goals you have. Don't lay in bed at night and wonder if a decision you made is in the best interest of your company. Make your decisions structured around data driven solutions. *(Pricing subject to change following scope of work review with clients)

Contact Details

  • breakthroughinnovationsbti@gmail.com

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